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2023 Interior Design Trends

Hi, I'm Natalie from Sapphire Studios Creative Consulting, the marketing agency behind Wilmac Flooring. Tim and Helena have graciously invited me to do a guest post on their blog, and I'm going to be exploring this year's top trends! All opinions are my own and are not a reflection of Wilmac Flooring. Email me at with any questions or concerns you may have! Let's dive into it!

2022 is finally over and the design world is transforming some of the past year’s hottest trends into sleeker, chic-er styles to complement any home. Here’s your definitive guide to the biggest interior design trends you’ll see this year.

#1: Earth Tones & Textures

The switch from gray everything to comforting neutral earth tones in 2020 is still continuing into 2023. We are trending away from the gray and white minimalism of the teens and into earthy lusciousness. Walls may stay white (let’s face it- painting is expensive), but accent pieces, furniture, and art are bringing color back into the space. Flooring on walls is even making a comeback! Read our post on that here.

Earthy living room
Photo Credit: Hommes Studio

This living room has been warmed up with a variety of colors including a warm rust couch, earthy olive chairs, and pampas grass.

What I would change: Gold sputnik chandeliers are out. I would replace it with this vintage-inspired depression glass-esque piece. I love the color and it would make the space more playful and less sterile.

For a more minimalist vibe, opt for a classic chandelier like this that lets the couch stay the star of the show.

#2: Warm, Conscious Minimalism

It’s important to note that minimalism is not going away - it’s instead shifting into a more intentional minimalism where every element has a use. Whereas 2017-ish minimalism incorporated impractical, purely decorative elements, 2023 is experiencing conscious design on top of added warmth, as discussed in #1.

Minimalist living room
Photo Credit: West Elm

Note in the above photo the decorative bowl on the coffee table and the sphere on the side table. These are the impractical, decorative elements I’m referencing. They may look “pretty”, but in reality, they just collect dust. Also note the individual pieces of furniture. Nothing really sticks out here. There’s nothing wrong with having neutral pieces, but in 2023, I would suggest adding some more playful colors via throw pillows, blankets, and coffee table books.

What I would change: This room needs some more color and texture. I would choose a plum throw, emerald green pillow, and some fun coffee table books.

#3: Functional Art

Functional art is taking the stage this year. This means that furniture can serve more than one purpose - these pieces are also art.

Modern minimalist living room with functional furniture
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Note the reclining chair and the overhead lamp. Both are functional furniture as well as statement art pieces. Because they are still neutrally toned, they can coexist with a wide variety of styles so that they can stay in the space while styles evolve over the years.

Living room with accent table and lamp
Photo Credit: Curated Interior

The same goes for some of the pieces here. The coffee table and lamp are both purposeful art.

What I would change: I really like the minimalism of this space but the wall art is too blah. I’d swap it out for a bigger, texture heavy piece. Flip this one on its side and you have an eye-catching talking piece that warms up the space.

#4: Texture, Texture, Texture

Texture plays such an important role in interior design and can instantly elevate a space. In 2023, we’re playing around with different surfaces and finishes. Coziness as a trend is on the rise, and adding playful textures are a great way to make a space seem more home-y.

Large textured wall art in living room with many other textures
Photo Credit: Aaron Gallery

I love the variety in this room. The doors, the chair, the couch, the rug - it makes my heart happy!

Here’s another living room filled with details. The hint of brutalism on the far wall with the metal slabs bring some of the vintage pieces around it into 2023 and it’s just *chef’s kiss*.

Modern living room with fireplace and big L-shape couch
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

What I would change: I’m not a fan of too many pillows, and this couch has reached its limit. I’d like to see some more quirky pillows and maybe a throw blanket or 2.

The fads of the late teens are definitely out, and these luxurious trends are here to replace them. This year’s hottest design concepts revolve around earth tones & textures, warm, conscious minimalism, functional art, and textures. As we head into the mid-twenties, we’re looking for warmth, coziness, and sustainability. Long gone are the days of buying cheaply made tchotchkes to haphazardly decorate a room. We’re focusing on intentionality and longevity, so that our pieces can be recycled into new styles as trends come and go. Follow back in a few months and see if my predictions are correct!

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