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Benefits of Tile

Benefits of Tile

Tile has been used as a reliable building material for centuries. In fact, tile installations from the Romans and Greeks can still be seen today. What makes this material so superior? It's hygienic, sustainable, resistant to stains and fading, and can easily replicate other building materials, making it a remarkable choice for flooring.

  1. It's Hygienic

Because tile is non-porous and has virtually no water absorption, it does not allow for growth of mold or mildew. This is especially important in places that are often exposed to water, including bathrooms and kitchens. The non-porous surface also makes cleaning a breeze.

  1. It’s Sustainable

Tile has the smallest carbon footprint of any flooring material. The process of making tile includes clay, fire, and water. These 3 simple ingredients contain no harmful chemicals or plastics, making tile VOC (volatile organic compound) free. In addition, no harmful chemicals are needed to clean tile. As stated above, tile is a non-porous surface, meaning that dirt and grime sit on the surface and can be cleaned off with warm water in most cases. On top of that, tile is a great conductor of thermal energy. This reduces energy needs in both the summer and winter. Tile allows your home to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  1. It’s Resistant to Stains & Fading

Clearly, porosity (or lack thereof) is an important attribute of tile. On top of other benefits, it makes tile resistant to stains. Dirt has no way of penetrating the surface, keeping stains from forming. When tile is fired, the heat permanently stabilizes the colors, making it resistant to fading. This ensures your tile will look as good as new for many years to come and allows you to get more life out of the material.

  1. It’s Easy to Replicate Other Building Materials

Thanks to modern technology, tile can easily replicate many natural materials - marble, stone, fabric, wood, masonry, and more. This is done by printing complex images on the surface of the tile and then sealing it in. Having the ability to mimic other building materials in places where its use may not be possible is extremely advantageous. This can potentially save the homeowner money while remaining an easily maintainable material.

Consider using tile in your next flooring project for sustainability and easy cleaning. Have questions or are looking to get a quote? Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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