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Cork Floors

What's The Deal With Cork Floors?

There’s a new trend in the flooring world: cork! That’s right, the same material found in wine bottles can be used on your floors. Cork is trending for a few reasons besides its unique look: it is sustainable, insulating, and absorbs movement and sound. You may be wondering about other features that cork has, and we’ll outline them below.

Sustainability is becoming top-of-mind when searching for flooring options, and this one checks off that box! Cork is harvested from cork oak trees, and one cork tree can be harvested every 10 years for up to two centuries, making it a much more sustainable option than hardwood. On top of that, cork floor manufacturing consists of grinding down leftover cork from the wine bottling process and combining it with resin in order to make planks or tiles. Because cork is made from leftover waste materials, it is one of the most sustainable choices for flooring.

Cork contains natural thermal properties, which make it a great insulator. You’ll be able to save money on your energy bills and help save the environment by cutting down on electricity and/or gas usage.

In addition to insulation, cork’s sponge-y fibers make it a softer flooring choice. Those with joint issues will notice a difference walking on a cork floor versus a traditional hardwood floor. The air pockets between the fibers allow for more movement beneath your feet. Just as cork absorbs movement, it also absorbs sound! A cork floor muffles sound, making your home nice and quiet. This can be a great option for larger families who struggle with noise.

Last but not least, real cork’s texture hides scuffs and marks and is actually self-repairing. Over time, cork fibers fill in dents and small holes.

Cork is rising in popularity, and we won’t be surprised to see it pop up in more residential and commercial spaces in the future. Due to its variety of benefits, it is a top contender for someone who wants a sustainable, insulating option.

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