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Heated Floors

It's Gettin' Hot In Here: Heated Floors

Heated Floors
Heated Floors

If you’ve ever watched a show on HGTV, you probably know about heated floors. These systems are typically found in bathrooms and kitchens to eliminate having to walk on cold surfaces in the winter. This is especially helpful in colder climates, such as Pittsburgh, with temperatures hovering around the 20’s for the majority of the season. Having a heated floor makes getting out of the shower or your bed much less painful.

How do heated floors work? This technology, also known as radiant heat, works by using electromagnetic waves and thermal radiation to heat the floor directly rather than warming the air in the room. Radiant heat warms the floor, and the heat that radiates up through the flooring surface is absorbed, helping warm the entire space efficiently. Heated wiring is installed under the flooring in a grid-like structure, making sure that every area receives equal heat.

Unlike forced air systems, radiant heat provides consistent heat throughout the room and reduces the amount of heat loss. Heated floors are about 20% more efficient than forced air systems. Not only is this great on your wallet in the short term, but the system actually pays for itself in the long run. Once installed, heated floor systems generally require no maintenance and last for 20+ years. Heated floors cost about $8-$15 per square foot, so there is a larger investment up front, but they are worth every penny.

Because the installation process involves tearing out the existing floor, this is a project to be saved until a room needs a flooring replacement. The good news is that the heating grid can be installed under a wide variety of flooring options - tile, vinyl, hardwood and engineered hardwood, and laminate. You have plenty of options to choose from!

Interested in installing a heating system under your floors? Give us a call for a free quote!

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