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  • Tim McGrath

Mixing Classic With Modern

In this charming 1849 historic home, we wanted to keep an elegant blend of the exterior's details with modern touches throughout interior. We included warm toned vinyl wood plank flooring throughout main areas (Photo 1). In the first floor powder room, we went with a black and white classic pattern floor tile (Photo 2). The other bathroom showcased an elongated porcelain hexagonal floor, a choice that combines the timeless beauty of marble with a modern twist (Photo 3). The shower wall in this bathroom is a classic design of white subway tile with an accent band of grey subway tile (Photo 4). This simple design element helps bring out the slight grey in the elongated hexagon floor.

Kitchen area with warm toned vinyl wood plank
Photo 1 - Main Area Flooring

Powder room with intricate black and white tile design
Photo 2 - 1st Floor Powder Room

Bathroom floor with elongated porcelain hexagonal tile, marble pattern
Photo 3 - Elongated Porcelain Hexagonal Tile

A shower showcasing white subway tile with a band of gray subway tile along the top
Photo 4 - Band of Gray Subway Tile

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