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Protect Your Floors

As we’re starting to move out of the cold weather, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning! After the long winter days of tracking in snow and slush, your floors probably need a deep clean. Don’t forget a protectant to keep your floors looking new!

Here’s some ways to protect your floors for the muddy and rainy spring!

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Protect Your Floors To Prolong Their Life

Remove Shoes

While this might seem obvious, it's easy to walk in the house and forget to take your shoes off, especially when having guests over. Shoes can drag in and spread dirt and moisture that could damage your floors.

Utilize Door Mats

Placing door mats inside and outside of your home could prevent an immense amount of debris from entering your home and scratching the floors.

Use a Boot Tray

This is a great way to be able to trap all of the dirt in one spot before it spreads. Boot trays make for an easy clean up, too!

Clean Regularly

Cleaning regularly could single-handedly save your floors. This stops the dirt from building up and can prolong the lifespan of your floors. Try making it a habit to go through with a swiffer once a week to tidy up.

Use the Correct Products

Avoid buying products that aren’t made for hardwood floors or that will leave a residue. Stay away from any products that are lemon or vinegar based, as these can damage the floor’s sealant overtime. Also avoid soap-based cleaners, as these tend to leave a residue which can cause damage.

Utilize Felt Pads Under Furniture

This is the easiest tool for avoiding scratches. Stick the pads on the bottom of your chair and table legs and never worry about the floors getting scratched!

Place Area Rugs

Employing rugs around the most common rooms of the house will easily decrease the amount of debris being spread around. Be careful of the backing of the rug, as some of them can be harmful to the floor.

While these tips can be a no brainer, they can help tremendously! Something as simple as taking off your shoes can save your floors and extend their lifespan. Hopefully these can help you keep your home fresh for the Spring!

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