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  • Tim McGrath

What's the Point of Grout?

What is grout? It is the filler between tiles once they are set. Not only does it create a seamless appearance, it also protects your tile and the surface underneath. Imagine laying tile without grout in between. The cracks would allow water, dust, dirt, and more to penetrate into hard to reach areas and shorten the lifespan of the tile. Another important job of grout is to keep tiles from rubbing against each other, causing cracks.

Most grout is a powdered mix of materials such as cement and limestone. Water is added when needed and creates a paste. This workable mixture is spread evenly over tile to fill the cracks and the excess is wiped away. Once left to dry, it cures into a very hard substance, providing the tiles with strength and resilience.

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What's the point of grout?
What's the point of grout?

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